Hate is the Reason English

Acknowledgement: Originally published in Urdu for this English version, my thanks to Kanwal Sahiba for linguistic revisions; she is on twitter as @Kanz_Ah.

In the second week of January more than 100 Hazara Shias were killed as a result of two consecutive bomb blasts in Quetta for which LeJ claimed responsibility. Relatives of the martyrs refused to bury their dear ones until the Government fulfilled their demands and in support of those Shias, nationwide and overseas protests started. Though the Government didn’t respond in the beginning, the Prime Minister had to visit Quetta at last, where he assured action against killers and announced Governor Rule in Quetta.

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Shia Killing and Public Apathy (English)

Acknowledgement: Originally published in Urdu in Al Ufaq. For this English version, my thanks to Shermeen Sahiba for linguistic revisions; she is on twitter as @ShermeenB.

We are currently going through the holy month of Ramadan and Muslims all around the world are especially engaged in Prayers and worship. In Pakistan all the TV channels have launched special Ramadan transmissions and every channel wants to outdo the other in attaining this pious aim. To meet this objective, they have imposed all manner of conjurers on the viewing public, all in the name of Ramadan, of course. Among these experts, someone is an expert in communicating with Jinns while another is serving Islam by publically bringing people in the fold of Islam whereas another is enumerating the qualities of Bhopal to the public. In short, everyone wants to brighten the name of Islam and make the masses aware of the blessings of Ramadan by presenting some stunt or the other.

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